2018 By-the-numbers

2018 was another busy year for Veterinary Referral Hospital of Hickory, right to the very end. From Christmas eve through Christmas day, we saw 59 patients in our emergency service, tended to by our dedicated emergency service veterinarians and incredible support team. They make sure that, no matter when your pets get into mischief, someone is here to provide timely expert care.

Throughout the year, we gave more than 70 transfusions to cats and dogs who had experienced blood loss secondary to trauma or had severe anemia from other causes such as autoimmune disease. Transfusions are one of the many advanced treatments we are able to offer in our ICU for best results.

Between our emergency service and our specialty services, we run enormous amounts of diagnostic tests. Veterinary Referral Hospital of Hickory has a full range of advanced diagnostic capabilities including a CT scanner, ultrasound, endoscopy, and digital radiography. They are critical for a full evaluation of our patients to maximize the opportunity for a diagnosis and best treatment plan. In 2018, our emergency, critical care, surgery, and internal medicine services took almost 4000 radiographs of our patients and were closing in on almost 1000 ultrasounds.

While we hope you won’t need our emergency services in 2019, remember we’re here for you if you do. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our emergency veterinary team is always available.

  • 59 Christmas patients
  • 36 New year’s day patients
  • 70+ 2018 transfusions for dogs and cats
  • <1000 ultrasounds
  • <4000 radiographs
    • Veterinary Referral Hospital of Hickory 828.328.6697

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